Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lvl 55 spell ideas

Ok now for some more cool ideas. I think that there will be a couple spells you will be able to get on your way to Lvl 60 after the updates and i'm positive around lvl 55 there will be some assist and charms and or traps to help out and these are some cool ones i thought up.

Death- Soul Stealer: an 4 pip spell that steals 3 powerpips from the enemy gives them to you.
Vortex shield: a 5 pip spell that converts half of the enemy attack into health.

Life-Halo: a three pip spell that removes and prevents all negative traps and charms on self or an ally for 2 turns
Trick Block:prevent an enemy from casting charms for 3 turns.

Myth:Solar Eclipse- a global spell that prevents shielding.

thats all i have right now i'll have some more ideas later.