Sunday, August 29, 2010


Omg Omg Omg talk about cheap cheap cheeeaaaap maaaaaannn that balance study hall has just confirmed that balance is the most ridiculously cheap school played by weirdos no offense MY balance friends ok not that i dont like you personally. all i can say is switch to death :D balance just goes in on all of these things that i list:
arbitrary, bad, base, biased, bigoted,blameworthy, cheating, criminal, crooked, cruel,culpable, discreditable, discriminatory, dishonest,dishonorable, foul, grievous, illegal, immoral,improper, inequitable, inexcusable, iniquitous,injurious, low, mean, one-sided, partial, partisan,petty, shameful, shameless, uncalled-for, undue,unethical, unjust, unjustifiable, unlawful,unprincipled, unreasonable, unrightful,unscrupulous, unsporting, unwarranted, vicious,vile, wicked, wrong

yup those are the true definitions of the balance school lol.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

My wizard101 central collage contest entry!!! rules

As many of wizards in the spiral know there is a contest for the birthday of wizard 101 central. Though many know about the contest there are many wizard that don't :( so it's up me (if anyone is actually paying attention) to give the details:from August 1st 2010 until August 31 2010 9:00pm central is challenging you to put your Print screen talents to the test! You need to take up to 5 screen shots of your wizard in game and create a collage from them depicting the title of a specific area of judgement like humorous wizard or wizardly wizard. Here are Da rules: #1 no second person screen shots, this means you must take the screen shot from the wizard you are playing on.

#2you may use gimp , Photoshop or other editing programs if you like.

#3 you may only use items from this kit , lets keep it wizardly :D

#4 Editing your screens shots is cool and lots of fun I know but lets keep it simple ok? " you may edit lighting, contrast, size and cropping. You may also cut your screen shots into different shapes if you like.

#5 No added graphics of any kind, such as Abstract 3D Renders or Fractal Renders will be permitted for this contest.

#6 Please remember no more than 5 screen shots in your collage.

#7 You must upload your picture collage in the normal central format.( attachments or album)

#8 Nobody may win in more than one category.