Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hey! don't come on this Blog and do not Follow me!

I thought i would try some reverse psychology It must have worked aru :)

New updates are coming tomorrow to the live realm and if you want to find me i'll be were i'm at aru.
Which is ambrose area 1 in ds farming Gurtok Demon for my killer spectre pet! YEAH! WOO! SPECTRES!=AWESOME! aru

So this is is a blog for new ideas brainstorming maybe i should change the name to The Brainstorm Blog! nah nah not saucy enough. Well my idea is Weapons and Wands Upgrades. I was thinking that maybe we could have weapons and wands upgraded like making them enchanted or fortified raising the attack, making the weapon shoot out the power of two different schools taking out two shields of that type or even with a sword slashing the opponent twice. I also that this could be included with the new pets thing. Maybe the pets could enchant or upgrade your wand or sword for your raising your attack making it like soulsinger sword +3 or +5 or your pets could fuse two swords together making a whole new weapon altogether. The effects of the fused weapon would differ depending on which swords you fuse just like with the pets aru.

Thats my idea for the day if you find this interesting i dont care aru. If you want to follow or comment don't. You stalker aru. lol

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The test realm RESET!

Again the test realm was reset to way it was on the 13th some people are upset or panicking from having to start over. I on the other hand am very glad for second chance and i have my derby rank the way it was. I'm very content.

I tried Hatching with someone as soon i found it was the test realm reset and tried hatching with a hydra and vaden only to hatch another wraith and my partner another hydra. :( which makes me wonder is this system they have too complicated or not complicated enough? Its frustrating that's for sure they also changed the pet abilities for the third time. Well anyway i have pet tip i picked up from a friend *cough* Angel StormBlood *cough cough* i heard if you leave your pets out at your house they experience up but don't get stats? interesting, i hope this is true or I'm just gonna have a lot of stained carpets and pet presents.

p.s. check out my blogpod or maybe the iblog? whatever check out my music if you know anime you'll know where it's from. :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lvl 60 Spells

Hello All, Wolf Deathbreaker here giving my life, fire, and ice spell ideas for lv60 if or when raise the level cap ok here they are.

Lvl60Fire:Flame Samoorai- A Samoorai with red armor and body made of flames with a flame sword appears from flame eruption on the ground and swings the sword at a single enemy in a downward motion doing 1000 damage and also leaves a wildfire spell on the field.

Lvl60Lifeegasus- A winged horse comes down from clouds and attacks all enemys with wind gust doing 700 life damage and gets rid of all traps and negative charms on allies.

Lvl60ice:Ice Dragon- water overflows the field kind of like skeletal pirate then freezes then an dragon light blue made of ice bursts from the ice and does 1000 damage to a single enemy and puts tower shield on all allies.

and thats it.

Wolf Deathbreaker Grandmaster Necromancer
I wolf have another idea how about how to make the game little cooler. a new form of training points called master points which you can use to make a spell of choice outside your school work with power pips. :]

More Awesome Ideas

I have three awesome spell ideas for when they raise the level cap for death
wizard's to rule the spiral with.

1.Death Dice or maybe Death Dealer: a ghoul dressed as a poker dealer throws skull dice on to the field that do random death damage 200 to 1500 a 2 pip spell with 50% chance of hitting 50 50 chance get it? similar to wild bolt in a way.


2.Dark Mirror:a 5 pip spell that would take any spell that someone does and dishes it back out and if its an attack out side of death it becomes death life stealing damage so imagine Death Judgement or Deathzilla.

3.Attack Defend and Assist cards for controlling death minions kind of like the defend minion and blade minion cards myth has except death controls the dead so we have to have these cards or make it so our minions have our pip percentage that would help out a lot.

Wolf Deathbreaker

Dylan's house a.k.a. the twilight zone

I don't like being lost nope nope i don't :( ...............Well no that's a lie i love being lost especially in a house as cool as this. Dylan's house is kinda creepy though you never know where your gonna end up your character could fall off a rug and into the dark abyss of nothingness! and then somehow fall into your living room! yea it could happen! cause it did! To this one guy. That told me about it. So yeah beware.

Magical Manga

Hey it's me wolf again veering off the wizard101 subjective matter to another one real quick. don't panic! ok time to give some attention to MANGA. which those of you who know me well will know i am obsessed with. I want to talk about one of my favorite manga's. where in this manga material is pretty much centered around ancient magic rituals, mythology and rpg culture. Negima Magister magi is my favorite manga that is magic related one of the main reasons magic and rpg's still interest me. the story in a few lines is a 10 year old boy genius negi from whales who dreams of becoming a Magister Magi (a special wizard who uses his powers to help normal people) begins teaching at mahora academy. Negi's reason for becoming a Magister Magi is to find his father, Nagi Springfield, the legendary mage also known as the "Thousand Master", who is believed to be dead. This manga looks deceivingly like a romantic comedy but the story is much deeper than that and steps into many categories of manga at one point could be comedic and as soon as it has you in that mood it switches to action on the levels of dragonball z or naruto i wont bore you any longer i just want a wider range of people to check this out.

Abracadoodle strip spotlight

Pet Derby Beastie

Dude I've only been doing pet derby in the test realm for a couple days and my pet midnight a blackcat is a total beast. The races i did in ranked were tough at first i lost horribly but the key is to boost your speed on the right surface and to jump and duck as much as you can to boost your pets morale so you can boost more often and when you rank up in the derby you get a badge with it. Mine is pet knight see you on the track.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Awesome game to play while waiting for updates

Grand fantasia, and rpg from aeria games that i have been playing quite frequently while waiting for those SPRING! updates KINGSISLE! well it's an awesome game not much story to it really but the jist of it is dark forces are taking over the land and you must seek out and purge these forces to become the lands greatest hero. It doesn't really take off in the story much from there but WHO CARES? gameplay and graphics are awesome. When you want to duel someone you dont go to the arena
you just walk up say lets fight and challenge them and you duke it out right on the spot. Grand Fantasia also features pets called sprites that you must take care of and feed and talk to and as you build a relationship with them they can craft items that you can use in battle. So uh yeah i'm not going to go into this any further since this is supposed to be a wizard 101 blog if you want to know more you'll have to check it out yourself.

Cool card ideas

Ok it's me Wolf Deathbreaker again with some spell ideas for Ice school this time.

1.Celestial Guard: a 4 pip spell that puts up 5 shields one for each school except balance of course

2. Glacier Fortress : a 6 pip spell lowers all enemy shields 30% and raises allies shields 40%.

3.Transmute: a 2 pip spell that takes one enemy shield any type and transforms it into a shield with a percent or absorb number same as the one taken.

I don't come up with tons of ideas because i like to consider how it affects arena players. so just 3 today.


More cool ideas from me

I think wizard 101 should have daily events Like at a certain hour it will be double xp or double drops or certain item will drop more than usual also a clan or club or guild option should be available and you could make clubhouse our group headquarters castles and lands and charge a small fee for the creation of said clan or club. Being able to make world announcements would be also cool so that some people could announce birthdays or something and you could charge for each announcement. a quest help board would be helpful too a lower level wizard could post a quest or dungeon they need help with and who ever picks up and holds the request voucher can port to them automatically if they are online good idea right.

Angel is at it again

Angel and some friends in ravenwood radio listening party. His tatami mat glitch is getting way out of control lol

I know friendly covered this already but....

Here's my section on the test realm

Awesome pet right? start farming gurtok demon after updates to snag this uber choice spectre.

Check Spelling

Pet Mixing, it is a mysterious and frustrating process of combining pets available only in the test realm at this time you never know what your going to get in your egg when waiting for it to hatch until now! i got a tip from a girl i met in the pavilion on how you can check out whats going to hatch. Its so simple it should have a sign saying check hatch results here. All you have to do is go to the shopping district and go to the shop where you can change your pets name there you can sneak a peak at whats to come. me one of my friends had combined his leprechaun with my black cat and i thought it was going to be something unbelievable ridiculous stupendous! but no all i got was shock and slight disappointment as i had hatched........another leprechaun and he had hatched a black cat. I thought that was EXACTLY what COULD NOT! happen in a mix but i was wrong deathly wrong. oh well it's ok i'm over it whoo saaaaa. i guess I'll just have to level up ANOTHER! pet to adult (which took forever by the way) and try hatching again to get something cool :)

Friday, May 21, 2010

April pet updates

Welcome to the April 2010 Update Notes. What are Update Notes you ask? Every time we update Wizard101, we like to let our players know what changes have been made and what new additions have been given to the game. Update Notes explain those changes and updates.

This month brings the much anticipated feature of Advanced Pets.

Train your pet to help you in duels. Race in theDerby and Hatch new pets with friends!

thats funny i haven't seen any updates for the spring kingsisle and it's almost june just saying. springs almost over.

Angel and his wild rug glitch castle

So lately i have been seeing a lot of people doing this glitch but angel stormblood's house takes the cake. the house is insane and he's constantly looking for new ways to blow me away with his newest idea here are some pics from his place you might need to sit down.

Its unbelivable the amount of effort this must have took dude must have a lot of free time.

Spell ideas from Wolf the white wizard

Hey It's me Wolf and this blog is one for new ideas for wizard101 so i'm here bringing card ideas to blow your mind with ok.

lv60 Balance spell:Guardians Blade - a 8 pip spell where a giant knight statue holding a sword down in front of him comes out of the ground raises his sword and summon swords appear on the field all light blue in a circular formation spin into the air and a sword comes down on each enemy player doing 900 damage and then gives Balance Blade to all allies

lv60 Myth spell: Behemoth- an impossibly large bull demon like creature with tusks stomps the ground does 500 damage to all enemys and removes three power pips (or three regular if no powerpips) from all enemy's.

this is what a behemoth looks like

lv60 Storm spell:8 pip lightning storm a an attack that summons a lightning storm doing 1000 damge to a random number of 1-4 enemy playershas 40% chance of hitting .

lv60 Death spell: Ghost Cannon- 8 pip spell where water covers field and then ghost pirate ship covered in green light and seaweed rises ftherom the water and the captain on board points his sword from the edge of the deck giving the attack signal. The ship fires cannons on each player doing 700 damage and leaving on all enemy's a new negative trap i thought up called terror which dispels next attack no matter what school.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Latest Celstia Photo

I'm very excited but very impatiently waiting for this new world. Crab dudes nice idea but what about my walrus pirates idea that was awesome.I know it's somewhere on those wizard 101 message boards....

Pets in the test realm

Though almost everyone as has been on the test realm and seen the new updates in store For those who haven't i took some pics.

April updates in may

kingsisle while making some very good improvements are a little late for the spring updates when spring's almost over.