Sunday, August 29, 2010


Omg Omg Omg talk about cheap cheap cheeeaaaap maaaaaannn that balance study hall has just confirmed that balance is the most ridiculously cheap school played by weirdos no offense MY balance friends ok not that i dont like you personally. all i can say is switch to death :D balance just goes in on all of these things that i list:
arbitrary, bad, base, biased, bigoted,blameworthy, cheating, criminal, crooked, cruel,culpable, discreditable, discriminatory, dishonest,dishonorable, foul, grievous, illegal, immoral,improper, inequitable, inexcusable, iniquitous,injurious, low, mean, one-sided, partial, partisan,petty, shameful, shameless, uncalled-for, undue,unethical, unjust, unjustifiable, unlawful,unprincipled, unreasonable, unrightful,unscrupulous, unsporting, unwarranted, vicious,vile, wicked, wrong

yup those are the true definitions of the balance school lol.


  1. Good tip: Saying "no offense" and then accusing a class of cheating through a lovely thesaurus entry on cheap does not mean you will not offend people.

  2. That offended me greatly. Btw how does balance cheat? If anything death cheats because they heal while attacking. So stop making fun of balance just because it's better than you.

  3. Well i can say to that guys is ha hahahaha ha ha yea right. I beat balance warlords every day i cnat remember the last time i lost to one i just dont them cause they.... well... I LISTED THE REASONS! bleh :p

  4. WARNING: This is a rather angry rebuttal. The writer was, at the time, rather angry. I don't mean to trash Mr Deaththekid, but it may come out that way.

    Dude, even as a fellow Necro, this post disgusted me, to be honest. Every class BUT balance has an advantage of its own, if you think Judgement is cheap, pick up some tower shields and leave quoting a thesauraus to my LA teacher. There are people who can say the same about Death, with better reasons, just as i can pour my heart out about how much i dislike the spell Wild BOlt.

    You haven't listed any reasons at all, just thrown words at us that you copy-pasted from Thesaurus. Balance wizards are some of the most resourceful people i've played with. Somehow, i'm Stunned that you can say "no offense" after calling Balance a cheap school played by weirdos. To add to that, i believe that it isn't polite to call people things that you don't understand, especially when all the things you just pasted in seem to describe yourself. I believe you should apologize immediately, and consider writing a formal apology post to the school of balance.

    Blaze Stormthief, Death, Lvl 50

  5. I'm with blaze on that one.

    I'm ice school so I’m used to people saying that my school is... bad, but just like when you get made fun of at school in real life you can take it, but when people start making fun of your friends you want to do something about it.

    Like I said, I’m with Blaze, you should apologize.

  6. Well to blaze i was just being dumb deaththekid is me the white necromancer. I took those words off thesaurus just to be funny didn't you catch the lol? Also to say that every school has an advantage of it's own dumb they can use shield for every school but their own cause there is no balance shield thats a pretty big advantage if you ask me. I wasn't mad cause i lose to balance lol i never.

    I just dont like them because they can do because they have as good a ice. As many minions as death, Multi hit spells like myth, Black mantle is somewhat like a dispel they spam weakness sometimes and can do more damage than storm just not as quickly thats why. Their advantage is they can do everything. But i still crush balance dude so bleh no apology. O and one more thing calling me all those things would probably make me blush. :)