Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Key to being an awesome Death wizard DEATH ONLY

The key to being an awesome death wizard in pvp is weakness lots of weakness. Using nightshades choker and training in balance school up to weakness would be best and you need to train in ice up to tower shield and have tower treasures. Once you have those cards you need to use them after the second turn and if you run out use whatever other zero pip cards you have until you can summon a beast minion and by the time you summon your opponent will have too many weakness cards on them to get a decent hit on you or your minion. So you have your minion and the match continues until BAM your minion is hit. OMG what now? Well after a death minion takes damage it does life stealing spells until it's life is all the way up so to make sure the damage it does is high maybe even higher than you can do you get buff minion cards and your minion can do 2000 damage or more so your minion and you doing serious attacks also means game over for your opponent because they have too much weakness on them to attack so yea so thats the way to do death :)

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