Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hey! don't come on this Blog and do not Follow me!

I thought i would try some reverse psychology It must have worked aru :)

New updates are coming tomorrow to the live realm and if you want to find me i'll be were i'm at aru.
Which is ambrose area 1 in ds farming Gurtok Demon for my killer spectre pet! YEAH! WOO! SPECTRES!=AWESOME! aru

So this is is a blog for new ideas brainstorming maybe i should change the name to The Brainstorm Blog! nah nah not saucy enough. Well my idea is Weapons and Wands Upgrades. I was thinking that maybe we could have weapons and wands upgraded like making them enchanted or fortified raising the attack, making the weapon shoot out the power of two different schools taking out two shields of that type or even with a sword slashing the opponent twice. I also that this could be included with the new pets thing. Maybe the pets could enchant or upgrade your wand or sword for your raising your attack making it like soulsinger sword +3 or +5 or your pets could fuse two swords together making a whole new weapon altogether. The effects of the fused weapon would differ depending on which swords you fuse just like with the pets aru.

Thats my idea for the day if you find this interesting i dont care aru. If you want to follow or comment don't. You stalker aru. lol

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