Wednesday, September 1, 2010

sry apologetic doesn't look good on me

Yes the goal was to shock and offend with my balance trashing but aaaaparently i went to far somehow insulting Family members, religions, races, and countries and for that i say........ oops my bad brody. NOW!On to the next boring post!!!

So i was out with my friends john shadow and Alexis to go do the warehouse after i was just hanging out with my friends ellie and molly. so we get to the warehouse but we needed a fourth and there were 3 guys like pick me pick me i couldn't really decide
so i checked all three guys stats and i said too bad guys steven is the only one who checks out. so i says to him hey it's your lucky day you won :) he replies with thx?
So we have 4 people and i say rdy guys? LETS GOOO!!!! and alexis goes CALM DOWN WOLF! So went in beat up the boss got my wayfinder robe i wanted and i say yaaay! we part ways then later around 6 i come back in the game and port to this new friend Steven to see what he's up to in arena. With him i see who? but Ellie and Molly and i'm like huh? and he goes o hey wolf this is my wife ellie and she goes steven is my husband :) x total freakout by wolf x i go HUUUUUHH??????????????? EHHHHH????????? no way impoooooossssible. and they go your so weird wolf. THE END.

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