Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The test realm RESET!

Again the test realm was reset to way it was on the 13th some people are upset or panicking from having to start over. I on the other hand am very glad for second chance and i have my derby rank the way it was. I'm very content.

I tried Hatching with someone as soon i found it was the test realm reset and tried hatching with a hydra and vaden only to hatch another wraith and my partner another hydra. :( which makes me wonder is this system they have too complicated or not complicated enough? Its frustrating that's for sure they also changed the pet abilities for the third time. Well anyway i have pet tip i picked up from a friend *cough* Angel StormBlood *cough cough* i heard if you leave your pets out at your house they experience up but don't get stats? interesting, i hope this is true or I'm just gonna have a lot of stained carpets and pet presents.

p.s. check out my blogpod or maybe the iblog? whatever check out my music if you know anime you'll know where it's from. :)

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