Friday, May 21, 2010

Spell ideas from Wolf the white wizard

Hey It's me Wolf and this blog is one for new ideas for wizard101 so i'm here bringing card ideas to blow your mind with ok.

lv60 Balance spell:Guardians Blade - a 8 pip spell where a giant knight statue holding a sword down in front of him comes out of the ground raises his sword and summon swords appear on the field all light blue in a circular formation spin into the air and a sword comes down on each enemy player doing 900 damage and then gives Balance Blade to all allies

lv60 Myth spell: Behemoth- an impossibly large bull demon like creature with tusks stomps the ground does 500 damage to all enemys and removes three power pips (or three regular if no powerpips) from all enemy's.

this is what a behemoth looks like

lv60 Storm spell:8 pip lightning storm a an attack that summons a lightning storm doing 1000 damge to a random number of 1-4 enemy playershas 40% chance of hitting .

lv60 Death spell: Ghost Cannon- 8 pip spell where water covers field and then ghost pirate ship covered in green light and seaweed rises ftherom the water and the captain on board points his sword from the edge of the deck giving the attack signal. The ship fires cannons on each player doing 700 damage and leaving on all enemy's a new negative trap i thought up called terror which dispels next attack no matter what school.

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