Sunday, May 23, 2010

More Awesome Ideas

I have three awesome spell ideas for when they raise the level cap for death
wizard's to rule the spiral with.

1.Death Dice or maybe Death Dealer: a ghoul dressed as a poker dealer throws skull dice on to the field that do random death damage 200 to 1500 a 2 pip spell with 50% chance of hitting 50 50 chance get it? similar to wild bolt in a way.


2.Dark Mirror:a 5 pip spell that would take any spell that someone does and dishes it back out and if its an attack out side of death it becomes death life stealing damage so imagine Death Judgement or Deathzilla.

3.Attack Defend and Assist cards for controlling death minions kind of like the defend minion and blade minion cards myth has except death controls the dead so we have to have these cards or make it so our minions have our pip percentage that would help out a lot.

Wolf Deathbreaker

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