Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lvl 60 Spells

Hello All, Wolf Deathbreaker here giving my life, fire, and ice spell ideas for lv60 if or when raise the level cap ok here they are.

Lvl60Fire:Flame Samoorai- A Samoorai with red armor and body made of flames with a flame sword appears from flame eruption on the ground and swings the sword at a single enemy in a downward motion doing 1000 damage and also leaves a wildfire spell on the field.

Lvl60Lifeegasus- A winged horse comes down from clouds and attacks all enemys with wind gust doing 700 life damage and gets rid of all traps and negative charms on allies.

Lvl60ice:Ice Dragon- water overflows the field kind of like skeletal pirate then freezes then an dragon light blue made of ice bursts from the ice and does 1000 damage to a single enemy and puts tower shield on all allies.

and thats it.

Wolf Deathbreaker Grandmaster Necromancer

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