Saturday, May 22, 2010

I know friendly covered this already but....

Here's my section on the test realm

Awesome pet right? start farming gurtok demon after updates to snag this uber choice spectre.

Check Spelling

Pet Mixing, it is a mysterious and frustrating process of combining pets available only in the test realm at this time you never know what your going to get in your egg when waiting for it to hatch until now! i got a tip from a girl i met in the pavilion on how you can check out whats going to hatch. Its so simple it should have a sign saying check hatch results here. All you have to do is go to the shopping district and go to the shop where you can change your pets name there you can sneak a peak at whats to come. me one of my friends had combined his leprechaun with my black cat and i thought it was going to be something unbelievable ridiculous stupendous! but no all i got was shock and slight disappointment as i had hatched........another leprechaun and he had hatched a black cat. I thought that was EXACTLY what COULD NOT! happen in a mix but i was wrong deathly wrong. oh well it's ok i'm over it whoo saaaaa. i guess I'll just have to level up ANOTHER! pet to adult (which took forever by the way) and try hatching again to get something cool :)

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